Cakes- Self-Taught Decorating Guru (ha-ha-ha!)

I thought I would share some of my cakes, finally. I am supposing that this blog will replace my updates on my website .... might as well update some of you on what I have done so far! =)

Johnny's 5th Birthday Cake

This cake was, to say the least, a challenge. It was my first major sculpted cake and I will admit I almost had a meltdown in the process of getting that darn gator head to meet the approval of my sister! Covering it in fondant was an entirely different story. I've done round, square and sheet cakes before, but never a gator head covered in fondant. Let me just say that... ummmm.... there were rips and tears. IT was a disaster. Instead of starting over I decided to try out this "scaly" look by adding randomly cut pieces of the same colored fondant on top of my wreck of a fondant job. I will admit I am happy for this mess up since it looks better than it would have without the scales!
A close up of my gator head!

Back to the story... I made this for my cousin's 5th Birthday Party. This boy is a die hard gator fan. I have never met a kid who eats, breathes and sleeps GATOR! It was fitting that his wonderful mommy and daddy decided that this special birthday must include gators and footballs. I also made small white chocolate gators to be passed out to all of the kiddo's who attended the party. My first time attempting a mold with chocolate of this nature and I definately learned that the freezer is your friend!!

White Chocolate Gator
I have avoided my studies long enough... I shall leave you all with a few other photos of some of my favorite goodies! Will have an in-depth cake decorating post coming up in the next few weeks!!
Fondant Shells & Pearls


Bakerella is officially my favorite blog to follow.... just look at this!!!!!!!!!
14 Layer Cake

Bakerella's Snickerdoodle Cookie Cupcakes!
Whoopie Pies (*drools*)
Ok, so the pictures are what keep me coming back to her blog... but seriously she has some neat stuff on her page and she gives away free stuff! Yummy pictures AND free give a ways... that is my kind of blog. It also inspires me to invest in a better camera.... so I can share some yummy photos of my own!!