Special 40th Birthday Cake

There rarely comes along a successful surprise birthday party.... much less one involving over a handfull of people and for someone's 40th Birthday!! I had the pleasure of making this cake per the request of a wonderful husband, Frank, for his lovely wife, Diane. He planned her a wonderful surprise party at Harry's Seafood, Bar & Grill in beautiful, downtown Gainesville. It took everything I had to remember on a daily basis not to post anything on-line about this cake, and am glad everyone was able to keep it a surprise for her! I'll share some of the photographs when they are shared by Frank & Diane, but until then all I have is a few of the cake, pre-party and delivery.

Diane's 40th Birthday Cake

Although it took a little work to discuss details about this cake, I finally learned that lavender is Diane's favorite color and that she loves daisies!! I wanted to keep it clean and simple (especially since the last cake I did for this bunch was full of surprises and details)! The top layer is a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache and the bottom layer is plain jane vanilla with almond buttercream.

It was pleasant to finally get my hands on decorating a cake again. Before this cake it has been a loooong month since my last one! No complaints though since things have been busy with school, but its nice to have several more coming up soon!

Anyways, Happy Birthday Mrs. Diane and congrats are in order for Mr. Frank in pulling this party off!! I hear the look on her face was priceless!!

Tentative Ireland Trip (A Work In Progress!!)

June 15, 2011-July 6, 2011

Day 1: Arrive at Dublin Airport

Dublin is a lively cosmopolitan city brimming with culture. You could spend your time strolling the streets soaking up the atmosphere, relaxing in its cafes and bars, or you could check out its myriad historical, literary, and cultural delights. The 8th century illuminated manuscript, the Book of Kells, must be viewed. It is on display at the impressive Trinity College, Ireland’s first university (founded in 1592) in the heart of Dublin. For the rest of your time, it is up to how much you are willing to pack in. Phoenix Park, twice the size of New York City’s Central Park, Georgian Dublin around Stephen’s Green, the National Botanical Gardens, National Museum, Kilmainham Jail, and the Hugh Lane Municipal Art Gallery are all highly recommended stops on your tour. Then there is the Guinness Storehouse and Jamieson Distillery. A visit to Dublin’s Temple Bar to experience the lively Dublin pub culture is a muse, though many of Dublin’s best bars can be found outside this area in the streets and lanes around Grafton Street, the shopper’s street of choice.

The Temple Bar in Dublin

Day 1 through 3 of your vacation will be spent in Dublin. You will be residing at The Fitzwilliam Hotel. The Fitzwilliam Hotel is one of Dublin’s most luxurious and is located in the heart of the city. Experience the best of both worlds when staying at this chic haven, to one side the tranquility and calm of St. Stephen’s Green and to the other, Grafton Street, Dublin’s finest shopping avenue.

En-route from Dublin to Kinsale, we would recommend visiting:

Blarney: Only a few miles from Cork City, Blarney is a charming village, most renowned for its castle and stone. The impressive castle, perched on solid limestone, dates from 1446, and is situated on magnificent grounds. To acquire “the gift of gab” one must kiss the Blarney Stone, which is located under the battlements at the very top of Blarney Castle. This involves bending over backwards at quite a height!