I've done it. I am a coupon aficionado!

Let's face it. I am not a highly thrifty person. I am easily overwhelmed by sale racks and thrift stores. I get exhausted just trying to mentally prepare myself for the endless searching through every single article of clothing... and well that just leaves me way too tired to even start the search.

Recently, though, I have been trying to find good deals for places that I normally go to anyway... which means LOTS of coupons. I, in fact, just clipped around 100 tonight from Gator Bucks. Sure, there are many instances where I end up spending where I normally wouldn't but I like to save a buck whereever I can.

I thought i'd share some of my favorites webpages, stores and companies that I have found to offer some good ones. First of all, I might add, that I hate going to supposed "coupon sites" that ask you to download some type of program in order to print your coupons. It's bogus and quite frankly I'd rather not waste the space on my hard drive or my time on the download. claims to be ridding the world of the need to clip coupons. You just search and print. Bargain hunters, like myself, log onto the site and share their coupons for the rest of us to use! They even have a feature that allows you to request an e-mail when a coupon is uploaded for your favorite store! I'll admit, I use this one alot.

Gator Bucks embraces the idea of what it is to be a college student. Let me rephrase that, a broke college student. They publish a booklet every spring and fall semesters with some amazing coupons and deals. It's not just for students but it is definately catering to them. You'll mostly find casual dining coupons, as well as the occassional tanning and Jiffy Lube discount. It is a must if you are in Gainesville or visit often.

Entertainment.Com We've all been asked to buy an entertainment book. I've seen them being sold by student organizations, in restaurants and on-line. It is filled with 50% off coupons and buy one get one free coupons for the city or area that you purchase it for. You also have access to tons of on-line deals and coupons. My favorite thing on-line is that by buying a book and therefore becoming a member, you can purchase your Regal Cinema movie tickets on-line and get them for 35% less than what you would pay at the box office. That sounds like a good deal to me! =)

Ecoupon Nation is another student based coupon site but requires no printing or clipping to receive their deals! All you have to do is research on their page of what specials they offer with certain businesses, go to your favorite store and tell them about it. All you need to do is show them your student i.d. The website should be up and fully functional within weeks with a separate sections just for students and another for coupons in general. Add them on Facebook, request that your friends add them and get free gift cards to your favorite places listed on their site!

Also, another kick ass way to get awesome deals is signing up for member appreciation clubs such as Cold Stone Creamery's Birthday Club, Chili's E-mail Club or Michael's E-mail Club. This last February, during my birthday week, I had coupons to eat free almost every day that week. It was stellar to say the least.

So those are my favorite out of the ordinary coupon and deal finders. What ways besides clipping from the Sunday paper do you fill your coupon organizer?